Hoops Madness!

So, it's 'that' time of year again .... March Madness.
The Big Dance.
You know...the NCAA basketball tournament.

How many of you just stopped reading?
Please, come back.
I promise this isn't going to be an analysis of brackets, Cinderella stories and whatnot.

After all, this IS me writing.

And...I am not an athlete (for those of you who know me, I am certain this is a shocking revelation. Or not.).
I don't really like sports.
I never played 'real' sports.
I golf.
I figure skate.
I'm a Browns and Indians fan.
See? I really don't know much about sports.

But every March I fill out a bracket and pick a national champion.
Honestly, I have no idea.
It started several years ago when Kevin and I were invited to be in a bracket group/pool.
And, it's fun....even if I don't really have much invested in my choices.

I don't pick teams based on their record over the course of the season.
I pick teams based on relevant things -- such as "would I like to live where that college is located?" (ex: Florida), or "is that team my alma mater?" (ex: Ohio University this year!), or even more relevant "does that team have a cool mascot?" (No really...sometimes THIS is what I base my decision on!)

And so, this year I am once again in a bracket group - the "Disney Park Fanatics" created by Joel K., one of this year's Disney Mom's Panel dads. (You can find his blog, ZipaDeeDooDad, here!). There are 41 people in the group and I'm pretty sure I'll end up near 41st place. Heck, Florida and Notre Dame have already lost today and I had both of them going into the 2nd round!

And, I have Ohio University BEATING Georgetown tonight.
As if that's going to happen.
(What? I'm being realistic. I LOVE my OU Bobcats and would LOVE to see them beat G-town...but c'mon. It's a #14 seed MAC team against a #3 seed whatever-conference-team*!) Granted if OU did win, I'm probably the ONLY person in the group who picked them...but...it's not going to happen.

In case you're wondering my final four is: Ohio State v. Kentucky and Syracuse v. Duke.
The championship game: Syracuse v. Kentucky.
And, for my brother-in-law, I have Kentucky winning it all. (You're welcome, Jon).

Are you ready for some....basketball!?!?!

*Yeah, I have no idea what conference Georgetown represents. And really, I don't care. I could have Googled it...but whatever...it's not relevant to me.)


  1. Awesome! It IS madness when it comes down to it.....

    I have Kansas v Kansas St. and Kentucky v Duke with Duke winning it all.

  2. I did this one year and picked my team based on their school colors or if I liked their mascots! lol Keeps it more interesting for me.
    When I do my NASCAR fantasy league, I always go by if I think the driver is cute or not. Sometimes that really pays (other times...not so much!)