Home...and very exhausted

We're home!

(OK. That exclamation point was added for your benefit, not mine. Quite frankly, I'd rather be at Disney World. But as it is, we are home.)

The trip was amazing.
It was magical.
It was just what we needed.

The girls had so much fun.
Olivia is at the PERFECT age to really grasp the magic of Disney. And she was so brave - riding the roller coasters with no fear!
Emma was in awe of the characters....she ran to them every chance she had.

Me? Well, I was in my happy place.
Which means I cried a lot of happy 'mousetears'.
I cried when we first made it to the gates of Walt Disney World.
I cried when we walked through the gates of the Magic Kingdom and saw the castle.
I cried when Cinderella showed up at our princess lunch in Norway.
And of course, I cried during Spectromagic and Wishes. (That is always a given!)

When we left Saturday morning, I cried sad tears. Especially when Emma said, in her sweet little sleepy voice, "Bye-bye Disney World." (Cue the waterworks).

And Olivia is a true Neurotic Disney Kid....she looked for hidden Mickeys everywhere (and usually found them!). And, as a true Disney fan, she called the Monorail trains by their "proper" names (the color of their stripe). I didn't have anything to do with that....she just started doing it all on her own: "Look mommy! It's Monorail Yellow!" So proud of her.....

OK...that's all for now. I have days of blogging to work on .... the trip report will be posted over at the 'Disney blog' (Travels with Kids).

And for those of you who followed by adventure via my tweets...thanks for following and sharing in the magic! :)


  1. (I'm smiling. "Monorail Yellow." Awesome. I had no idea...)

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