I have to admit ... I'm still a bit LOST

Seriously, if you haven't watched last night's series FINALE of LOST you should stop reading right now because I am going to spoil the end. Sorry, but it's my blog and I can do that. You have been warned .. so don't go reading this and then leave a comment that says "OMG you totally ruined it for me!"

Six years ago I started watching LOST.

For the first two seasons I was totally, absolutely hooked on this show.
Nothing could pull me away from the television.

Then it all started going crazy ... more and more people were added to the island, and the flashbacks got stranger and then the whole time travel thing started and well...I gave up on LOST.

This season, I decided to go back to the island and see if I could fall in love all over again.
And, I did.
Yes, the show was still crazy...but this season really seemed to focus on the 'core' group of people who pulled me in six years ago.

Once again, I cared about these people.
I wanted them to be rescued.
I wanted Jack and Kate to be together and for Sun and Jin to live happily ever after.

Little did I know that THEY WERE ALL FREAKIN' DEAD (or would at least end up DEAD by the end of the show...all of them...D.E.A.D).

OK....I admit. I kind of knew that they WERE dead. I suspected all along that they were dead and this whole 'island' thing was like a purgatory (What? you know you thought that too! That was only my THEORY - clearly it was wrong).

But I was NOT prepared for THE END last night. (Damn that dog Vincent....when he was laying next to the dying Jack that was IT for me. I was sobbing like a mad woman).

Last night's episode was brilliant and funny in places ("I believe in Duct tape") and so incredibly sad that I'm still hoping today they'll say "Wait! We have an alternate ending and they ALL LIVE!!!!"

I am a sucker for happy endings and that, my friends, was not a happy ending for me. A room full of dead people ready to 'move on' does not equal happy. That's just my take.

And today, I am still left scratching my head in total confusion ... about many, many things. (For the record, I did Tivo the finale and will be watching it again. And again. Looking for more answers.)

How about you?
Did you watch?
What is still confusing you?
Did you think this was how it would end?
Let's chat.


  1. I think you might have missed a key scene in the episode - Jack's Dad said that everything that happened on the island, happened. They were all alive for those things. You may have missed it if you tuned out for a couple seasons, but they had flashbacks, flash forwards and then flash sideways. The only time they were dead/in Purgatory was the flash sideways. Everything else happened.

    Hope that improves your experience a bit.

    That being said I thought the finale was well done. No, we didn't get a lot of answers, but deep down I think I knew that wasn't going to happen. It just wasn't that type of show. Love the relationship building and the journey within themselves. That story arc has been there from the beginning but it may have gotten "lost" among all of the talk of time travel.

    But rest assured, they haven't been dead the whole time. Just the last season.


  2. Mickey D., you hit the nail on the head. For me, it was about the journey of getting to The End (all 6 seasons worth) and the characters and how the island mythology shaped each individual. The End left me questioning a hundred other things, but I kind of like it that way. It leaves things open to our own interpretations and will certainly make me ponder for the next long while. If that's the way these characters get to stay with me a little bit longer, then well done, Lindelof and Cuse.

  3. try to get your hands on the post-interview with Jimmy Kimmel - as I'm going to watch tonight (i dvr'd it). i talked to my boss and my boyfriend and i thought the same thing - they were dead the entire time and we saw purgatory while they worked their sh*t out. well, as Mickey D basically explained, Christian told us it all happened and was real. he also said that some died before him and some after him, but the time they spent together was the most important time...

    so, i'm not sure how to piece it all together just yet. also, i'm not sure how to piece together the fact that Ben, Desmond and Hurley were left on the island last night and were also the 3 people gathering everyone to come to the church...

    so, i get that it was "real", but i'm still confused!!

  4. I did see that scene w/ Christian ... and remember him saying that about the island.

    I'm with you, Trophy Life...I get that it was 'real' but I'm still confused. :)

  5. I just finished watching the episodes from season 5 and am like, "What??!!" I actually had to google to find someone to explain what the heck is going on. All the jumping around in time does not help either.

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