Just another Monday

Today was a "Monday" - in every sense of the word.

And yes, I realize that me "having a Monday" on a Monday is not all that strange.

My new motto is "just keep swimming."
Just like Dory in Finding Nemo.
I am going to just keep swimming.

Today was yet another totally strange day at The Job.

I was thinking of going for some sort of record today at the office. I was going to see how long I could go without talking to anyone.

Now this 'quest for silence' wasn't because I was being rude.
Nope, it's just that people at my office seem to exist in their own little 'bubbles' and it's rare when there is more than that compulsory 'good morning' going on.

My 'day of silence' was going swimmingly until someone called me at 3 p.m. to ask me if I knew where something was located on the hard drive. (Because you know, after six weeks on the job I should know where a file I've never used/heard of would be located, right? Yeah. Right.)

I e-mailed Kevin today to "complain" about The Job and his response was "Well, you're not going to be there forever and at least now you know how the LOST people felt on the island."

That made me laugh.

But I suppose I am lost on a not-so-deserted-but-very-quiet island in the middle of nowhere, trying to find my way 'home'. Thankfully there are no rogue polar bears or cranky Smoke Monsters roaming the halls. Yet.

And I often feel like Desmond, trapped in the hatch - but instead of spending my days typing in not-so-random numbers, I am typing in not-so-meaningful words that other people are rewriting without my input. But I digress.

In my 'flash sideways' scenes I am working at job that I love and doing something that makes me happy and I am no longer dreading the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. three days a week.

I am hoping that my 'flash sideways' soon becomes the reality.

Until then...I will just keep swimming.


  1. ICK.

    I am sorry that your place of employment is so... silo-esque. What's wrong with that place? Seriously, that's really weird.

    Is everyone miserable there?

    (I cannot believe you could go that long without talking to someone. That's insane.)


    Note: I appreciated your LOST references. :)

  2. Oddly, everyone else has been there forever (or at least very close to it) and they all appear to accept the strangness.

    it really is weird. the guy across the hall from me has never spoken a word to me in the 6 weeks that i've worked there. last week he sneezed and i said "bless you" and he GLARED AT ME as if i had broken some unwritten rule at the office.

    totally weird.

  3. Hey Traci!

    That last comment you made (about the man glaring at you) reminded me of the Scott Tissue commercial where everyone is WHISPERING and then the new guys says something OUT LOUD, and everyone stares at him, and they say, "New guy!"

    I think you are working at the Scott Tissue sister company!

    Hang in there Traci. There is NOTHING worse than being at a job you hate. It's just miserable.

    Start looking for a new job now, maybe this is your calling to go down a different avenue. Think of other things you like to do and see what else is out there.

    I know it's helping to pay the bills, but see what else is out there. :)

    Keep your chin up. Do your best while you have to be there and always keep your eyes out for the place you're really supposed to be!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that this isn't working out. Keep swimming is a very good mantra! Keep the faith and you'll find where you're meant to be!

    Sending prayers your way....

  5. Sometimes all you can do is just keep swimming.

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