Making lists

I am a list maker.
If list making was an Olympic sport, I'd medal every single time.

I make lists for darn near everything.
Grocery lists.
To do lists for home and office.
Blogging lists - what I should blog about, what I might blog about, what I'll never blog about.
Twitter lists.
Christmas lists.
Packing lists for Disney.

Lists, lists everywhere.
I have notebooks and pens all over my house, just in case the urge to make a list suddenly hits as I'm watching television, or cooking dinner, or tweeting.

I'm a fan of lists..for the most part.

I like being added to some lists - you know, the ones that end in fun and frivolity.
Christmas lists.
Secret Santa lists.
Party invitation lists.
'Follow these people on Twitter' lists.

What I'm not a fan of is being put on negative lists - you know, the ones from which nothing good comes.
Sh*t lists.
"To be fired" lists.
Complaint lists.
Santa's naughty list.
Telemarketer call lists.
Spam e-mail lists.

So, to recap....
Positive lists = good.
Negative lists = bad.

You get the picture, right?
Now if you'll excuse me...I have some lists to make.


  1. This post speaks to me, as a fellow list maker. :)

  2. cindy - LOL....yes, i figured it might :)

    maria - i'm OK with that...your list is fun! :)

  3. I am also a list maker. List after list, after list....