A totally epic Disney weekend

Let me say this first - whoever came up with the hashtag #epicoctober2010 was genius.

Because last weekend was epic.
And, four days later, I'm still exhausted (eight hours of sleep over a weekend will do that to a girl).

A recap of the weekend.....

Last Friday I arrived early at Detroit Metro, giddy with excitement because I was flying to Orlando at 7:25 p.m. .... and then at 4:30 p.m. Delta did what Delta does best - they messed with my travel plans. For some reason they decided to delay my flight until 9 p.m. ... meaning I wouldn't arrive in Orlando until 11:30 p.m.

I couldn't get on an earlier flight because it was oversold by EIGHT PEOPLE. Yes, Delta loves to fly...and it shows in the worst way. Because really, why just oversell a flight by one person when you can oversell it by 8? Way to be a go-getter, Delta.

After much waiting and hand wringing and tears .... I landed in Orlando at 11:30 at night and nearly RAN to luggage claim where my friends Jackie and JL were waiting.

Our plans for a 'girl's night out' had been dashed by Delta...but I was in Orlando and that's all that mattered! I was 'home' and with dear friends.

After a mere 4 1/2 (maybe 5) hours of sleep, I was up at 6 a.m. Saturday reading tweets from many more friends who were running the Halloween 5K at the Magic Kingdom. I wasn't tired...I was thrilled because I was going to Epcot and it was going to be a great day!

Arriving at Epcot at 9 a.m., I knew I had about 15 hours to fit more fun and friends than might be possible.

Some highlights:
- Finally meeting Kristin at the WDW Radio meet up .... we've been friends on Twitter since last year's Moms Panel application process and it was wonderful to finally meet in person!

- Meeting so many Disney friends from Twitter ... I won't try to list you all here...but here's a pic of a few of you:
Tweet, tweet -- a group of Disney Twitter friends!

- Soarin'. Enough said.

- FINALLY meeting two of the nicest, most magical Disney friends - Dean (@DisneyDean) and Frank (@DisneyFrankness). I smile each time I think of you and cannot wait to see you both again!

And if all of that wasn't enough, let's chat about the Disney Moms Panel meet - the reason I made plans to spend a mere 34 hours in Orlando.

The Moms Panel meet up.
Um, where to start? What to say?
There aren't words to explain how incredible it was to meet these people who embody the magic and wonder of Disney.

I saw friends from the panel whom I had not seen since the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, and I met many panelists who I only 'knew' from Twitter or via our adventures last year during the Moms Panel search.

And. It. Was. Magical.

Me, JL, Jackie, and MaryJo .. faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust...

The hour-long meet seemed to fly by and I know I didn't get a chance to say 'hi' to everyone. But I walked out of the meet on cloud 9.

And I could say more....but I'll leave it at that.
Cloud 9.

After the meet, JL and I walked (ran?) around World Showcase (it was the Food & Wine Festival, after all)...but sadly the booths were so crowded that we didn't stop to eat much. I say "much" because I did manage to find a short line in Morocco so I grabbed a kefta sandwich.

We soon decided to Monorail to the Magic Kingdom. And promptly got stuck. On the Monorail. For about 15 minutes. But we did make it to the MK - just in time for the Main Street Electric Parade! This parade is one of my best childhood Disney memories...so to see it again and hear the music....it was joyous.

My goals at the MK were this:
- See Don and Mary. Meet Chris and John. Ride Pirates and Haunted Mansion. See 'Wishes'. Shop.

I am happy to report that I met all those goals and a few more. I saw many other friends at the MK, was able to ride the TTA and was 'forced' to ride Space Mountain (thank you, JL).

By 11 p.m. I was exhausted. My feet were throbbing. And it was time to call it a night. My epic nearly-15-hour day in two parks was coming to a close. I shed a few tears earlier in the night during 'Wishes' ... but I felt OK as I left the MK. I wasn't sad - there were too many happy memories made that day to feel sadness. And I know I will be back soon.

To everyone I met/laughed with/hugged last weekend - thank you for making it the most magical day a Disney girl could have.

I adore you all.

And, I'll see you real soon.


  1. Aww, this is such a wonderful post, Traci! I absolutely LOVED the weekend too & I'm so happy that we were able to spend time together, even though it was just a little. I really was magical!

  2. :)
    i am so happy we were able to spend time together too!!! we WILL see each other again soon! :)

  3. It was so great to see you again Traci and we were very honored to be one of your goals! There was just not enough time to be with everyone and do everything we wanted to this weekend, but you are right....the time we were there was magical!