You say tomato, I say tomahto

A few weeks ago, during a particularly bad week, I received an unexpected e-mail in my inbox.

It was an e-mail asking me about tomatoes.
Red Gold Tomatoes to be exact.

Now I'll be the first to admit I don't normally buy canned tomatoes.
I'll buy tomato sauce, but only when I'm making chili. Otherwise, I'm not a big canned tomato buyer.

But I was intrigued by (and appreciative of) this e-mail, and when the sender asked if I'd be interested in receiving a PR kit with some of their products and a cookbook, I said "YES!"

A few days later I came home to a big box sitting in my foyer. "Holy cow! That's a lot of tomatoes!" I thought. Silly me. I had forgotten that the PR kit was going to contain more than "just" tomatoes.

Let me say this - the kit is the coolest thing E.V.E.R.

The kit was a large metal canister that looked just like a can of Red Gold Tomatoes. It was filled with three cans of tomatoes (three different varieties), two recipe books, a totebag, magnets, a limited edition toy truck (which my nephew loves!), recipe cards and a media CD with more recipes and a few videos.

See here:

So far, I've used two of the cans of tomatoes - I used the Petite Diced Tomatoes with Green Chilies to make a queso dip (with Velveeta, of course) for a Halloween party. And last weekend I used the Petite Diced Tomatoes to make Spicy Tomato Bread.

Oh my gosh...that bread was delish.
(Yes, the recipe called for crushed tomatoes...but all I had was diced and it was still great)!

And now dear readers I want to share with you.

We're all busy - struggling to get dinner on the table, spend time with the kids, get the laundry folded before the weekend (when we just end up rewashing the clean stuff because it's still in the basket...), and not lose our sanity in the process.

I want to make cooking dinner easier for YOU!
I want YOU to enjoy some very yummy Red Gold Tomatoes.

From now until Saturday, November 6 at midnight (EST), leave a comment and include your e-mail address (so I can contact you!). And then, one winner will be randomly drawn to win a Red Gold Tomato kit, and one winner will be randomly drawn to win a cookbook.

Yes, it really is that easy!
So...what are you waiting for?
Post those comments!

(Note: While I did receive a PR kit, I was under no obligation to write this post or sponsor this contest.)


  1. Okie dokie...lucky you! I don't really use canned tomatoes either, but I think that HUGE can is really cool and would make an awesome utensil holder!!

  2. That is such a cool kit and I just love the can! I've never heard of Spicy Tomato Bread before, just might have to try that one out.

  3. awesome! crossing my fingers that I'm picked! :)

  4. Woohoo!! I love tomatoes!! Fun giveaway... I use canned tomatoes all the time for soups and pizza sauces - yum!

  5. Congrats to Lisa and Lynne!!

    Lisa - you won the cookbook

    Lynne - you won the kit

    Thanks for playing!

  6. Thanks so much! Can't wait to try some recipes...got it today and it looks great!