Bah. Humbug.

I will admit it right now - I am still not finished with my Christmas shopping.

Last week was crazy - between work and dealing with my husband who has MRSA (don't fret...he's fine now...but he 'almost' ended up in the hospital), and everything else in between, I didn't get much done.

So, this morning Emma and I ran over to WalMart (ugh, I know).
I need to pick up some stocking stuffers and some other 'necessities'.

It wasn't super crowded yet, so I thought "this will be easy peasy lemon squeasy."

And so...the story goes...

Em and I were standing in the holiday decorations aisle, just browsing and looking at Disney ornaments. My cart was about 1 1/2 feet away from me. On the other side of the aisle, there was another woman and her cart. Suddenly, this third person - whom I will call Mrs. Grinch - appears behind me and PUSHES MY CART DOWN THE AISLE WITH HER CART.


She didn't say "excuse me" she didn't ask "could you move your cart so I can get through, please?" She just pushed my cart out of the way, nearly hitting Emma in the process.

This was not going to end well.
For her.

"Um, yeah. That was MY cart you just SHOVED down the aisle."

"Yeah, so? What was I supposed to DO? She (pointing at the other woman in the aisle) just came barreling down here and I couldn't get through."

(For the record: the "other" woman wasn't barreling anywhere, she was merely standing in the aisle)

"Well for starters you could have said excuse me. And not pushed my cart out of the way. And not been such a blatant moronic idiot."


"Yeah, have a merry freaking Christmas too, you jerk."

OK, granted....that was not a merry thing for me to say.
But she's lucky I didn't say what I was thinking because the expletives I was forming in my head were amazing.

I just don't understand why some people think they are entitled to be rude and stupid around the holidays.

I mean seriously - it's WalMart people.
You were in the $1 holiday aisle.
What was so important that you just HAD to push me and my daughter out of the way?



  1. Reason #1 that I never enter Walmart! :)

  2. Some people are just miserable. Especially Walmart people.

  3. People like that erk me!

    I just started shopping today. I'm way behind.