'Tis the season (I suppose)

Dear Mother Nature,

OK. I get it.
Today IS the first day of December.

But seriously.
Did you have to make it SNOW just to prove that we're THISCLOSE to a long, cold, miserable winter?

I mean really.
It's a bit overly dramatic, don't ya think?

"Snow showers??"
Have you looked outside?
It's snowing big fat flakes and IT'S STICKING!!!!!

This is not acceptable.

Yesterday's weather?
Yeah, that was acceptable.
Mid 50s, breezy, a little rain.
I could handle that all winter long.

But this snow on the FIRST day of December?
Not so much.

If this is your way of saying "Hey kids, hold on to something...it's going to be a very bumpy - and COLD and SNOWY - winter!" .... that is not OK with me. Because you know, we just did the whole snow/blizzard/brutally cold temps thing....and it wasn't any fun.

So how about this...

Let's give props to Al Gore and the whole 'global warming' thing and change the winter weather in northwest Ohio to something like this: nothing colder than 50 degrees, a little rain now and then, and no snow.



Yours truly,

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more! The only days I like snow are Christmas Eve and Christmas. Other than that, I'm over it!