An open letter to January

Dear January,

We need to talk.

It's not that I don't like you - I do.
For two days.
I like you on the days my daughters were born.

But aside from those two amazing, magical, wonderful days....well, you're worthless.

It's NOT me.
It's you.
All you.

First, you have this superiority complex with this whole 31 day thing.
I mean really...
WHY in the world should the first month of the year have 31 days?
Especially when that month is the coldest, snowiest, most miserable month of the year?

If I had created the yearly calendar, I would have totally picked February over you, my dear January. Twenty-eight days is a much better way to ease into the year. Thirty-one days is just WAY too long.

And then there's your weather.
You're bitterly cold.
And icy and cruel.
And snow covered.
None of that makes you fun, like oh...June.
June is a nice warm, fun month.

Not. At. All.
Don't believe me?
Ask the East Coast how they like January right about now.
Snowmageddon 1, 2, and 3...that's all I'm sayin'.

Around these parts, it has snowed at least once a week EVERY SINGLE WEEK this month.
And this week, it snowed 2" today and another 1-3" tomorrow.
That is just uncalled for behavior from you, dear January.

If it weren't for the two birthdays we celebrate this month, I would break up with you forever January. I would skip straight into February with her measly 28 days.

In the past 27 days we've had too much snow, way too many bitterly cold days, an illness (or two) every week, three or four doctor's visits, and as of tonight....one trip to the emergency room.

January....you suck.
You're just very lucky my daughters were born this month or we'd be so over.

Next year try to be a bit more considerate of people's feelings (and health) and cut back on the cold and snow and sickness, OK?



  1. I COULDN'T AGREE MORE!!!! I look at Southern California real estate every day and PLEAD with my husband to move.

    WAY too much snow. Sick for a month and a half?? It was ridiculous. An ER visit with a 6 month old? Unforgivable. I hate you, January.

  2. Oh Yeah, turn it into a petition because I'll sign this one! So OVER january. Next year I very well may opt to just hibernate! :)

  3. Amen! I hate January too! I swear it only snows on Tues/Thurs; the nights I have to teach (drive in this crap). Grr...