Snow day!

As I type this, the sun is shining and our road is cleared of most snow...yet the entire county remains under a "level 3 snow emergency" - so essentially everything is shut down.

My office is closed.
Kevin's office is closed -or at least no one is there because no one is allowed to drive in a "level 3" unless you want a ticket.
School is closed.
Daycare is closed.

We're having a snow day!

I was going to work this afternoon...but well, I checked my work e-mail and there was nothing of importance to deal with so, I'm going to blog and then nap. In that order.

The storm was bad...but around these parts I wouldn't necessarily call it 'historic' or any of the other words the forecasters were throwing around earlier this week. We probably got about 8 inches of snow. And some sleet.

The worst part was the wind.

(I tweeted last night: Dear Mother Nature: we're sorry for whatever we did. we get your point. can the blizzard please stop now?)

I will admit - the wind scared me last night. It was loud. And it blew our chimney cap right off the chimney (and it landed in our front yard).

But really...it just seemed like a bad winter storm.
Not 'snowmageddon' or 'the storm of the decade' ....maybe in other parts of the country it was THAT bad. Here, it was winter in Ohio with some extra wind thrown in.

But today we (meaning my husband) cleared the driveway and we (meaning us) took the girls outside for some good old fashion fun (which means they played in the snow and I took photos).

All in all, I think every now and then we all need a 'snow day.'
I hope you're enjoying it.
Keep warm, stay safe and drink some hot chocolate!
And, on the bright side - that pesky rodent said we're in for an early spring.


  1. Fun! Very cute pictures.

    The wind was pretty intense and scary last night. It sounded like we were under attack.

  2. Looks like so much fun!!!

    The wind was freaking me out last night. I kept imagining our house being picked up and carried away. Not fun at all.

  3. I was so freaked out that the power was going to go out and my babies wouldn't have heat. However, it was really nice having Louis home all day on a random weekday.