And for Thursday....I have nothing

No words today.
And yes, I "skipped" yesterday because I was out of town for the job.
So maybe I'm sort of "failing" this whole NaBloPoMo thing for March.
But I'm trying at least.....

Oh wait.

I do have a word.

Wussy: n. Slang. A person regarded as weak or timid and especially as unmanly.

That word was directed at me today.
In a workplace atmosphere.

That's how my day started at 9 a.m.

It didn't get much better after that.


  1. How in the world can someone get away with calling someone a wussy at work? That sounds like insubordination or harassment.

  2. well one would think so...but it's just the way people talk to each other .... and we're supposed to "deal with it"...

    it's a sad state of affairs

  3. Wussy! HAHAH - I never say this word, only wuss for fear of it sounding like...well, you know.

  4. PS - I do not think that is acceptable that someone called you that in the office. Unacceptable.