In a word

OK, I know it's March 2 - so technically I'm already behind with the whole NaBloPoMo posting every day thing....but, I'm doing it anyway.

Today's post will cover yesterday and today - in a word or two - so in my book that counts.

Don't argue with me.
I'm right.

This month's NaBloPoMo theme is "in a word" - so, we are supposed to choose a word to build a post around or describe our day in one word. Something like that.

And I think I can totally do this.

Let's give it a whirl.

My week so far can be summed up with these words:


It was exhausting being a "single" parent for a few nights. The job is stressing me out beyond belief. I was happy to see my husband when he came home from his business trip. The job made me sad and reduced me to tears two days in a row. I was (and still am) very disappointed in several people and their actions. Those same people revealed their true nature to me and I can only shake my head in total disbelief. And lastly, I am frustrated that something I thought was a good thing has turned out to be anything but.


  1. words of encouragement...you can't control those who make disappointing decisions and you just have to be happy with how you respond to such things! I hope that your week gets much better!

  2. Thanks....those are great words of encouragement! I hope my week improves too....(it can't get much worse, right?...it is Thursday) :)