Summer fun on Time Island

"I'm so bored!"

"What are we doing today?"

"I don't have anything to do!"

Ah, the lovely sounds of summer....the kids are bored, it's too HOT to go outside and play without melting and, of course, they have nothing to do despite the rooms full of toys and books.

So, what's a parent to do? How are we supposed to amuse the kids with something that is not only fun but also safe to play online?

The answer?
Check out Time Island.

Time Island is an online world of adventure where your kids can test their survival skills, build tribes and "outsmart, out maneuver and outlast the troublesome green creatures that inhabit the island, known as the Goggs."

Sounds a lot like "Survivor" for kids - but without the villains. And I really mean there are no villains because there are RULES in the jungle - there is no inappropriate chat, you can never reveal your personal information with other players and you must respect the other Time Island players, which means no bullying or bad language.

Really, what's not to love?

The girls and I decided to hang out on Time Island last week. The registration process is quite simple, but the girls still needed my help. First you have to agree to the Rules of the Jungle (see above), then you choose your name and pick whether you are a boy or a girl. Then ,Olivia and Emma both had a chance to create their own avatar - they picked the hair, clothes and desired gear. (Check out this YouTube video about registering for Time Island).

Next you chose a password, whether you are a boy or a girl (again), add your birthdate, country, language and your parent's email address. You can also choose the "supreme safe mode" or "standard safe mode" - which has something to do with the types of chat you will be able to see once in the game.

After this, I received an "activation email" so that I was the person activating their accounts. And then, they were ready to play!

The Time Island website says Time Island is a place where "time and seasons change unexpectedly" and you must learn new skills in order to survive. Players can earn food, and must build a shelter. But you must also watch out for Goggs - creatures that inhabit the island and sap you of your energy.

So, knowing all these things, the girls started out on a beach. We discovered that by clicking on the screen your avatar will walk in that direction and, at times, an arrow appears on screen telling you which way to walk. We followed these arrows most of the time.

Olivia managed to get off the beach and ended up in the jungle. She was a bit confused about what her goal was, but she found a ladder going down into an underground cave and followed that route. There were a few activities in the cave that she accomplished and then she was above ground again! After a while it seemed like she was going in circles, but I think that was due to her unfamiliarity with the game.

She keeps asking when she can play again - and I'm certain she'll be back on the beach and in the jungle very soon!

The concept of Time Island is great and it's a safe and fun online environment for kids. I would much rather have them playing on the island than at most of the other kids sites out there.

If you have young kids and they're "so bored" and always claiming they have "nothing to do," why not check out Time Island.

You can also find Time Island on Facebook here.

Disclaimer: I was asked to participate in this review with Time Island and MomSelect. While I was not compensated for my post, I did receive a gift pack of Time Island "goodies" for my kids. All opinions in this review are my own.

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