You spin me right round, baby right round....

It all started yesterday.
I felt "off" for most of the day.
Sore throat. Runny nose.
A little dizzy too.

I chalked up the sore throat and runny nose to allergies - I've suffered with allergies since I was 4 years old, so for the most part I tend to ignore them.

The dizzy feeling? Well, I thought perhaps it was just nerves - I spent most of yesterday thinking about my applications for the Walt Disney World Moms Panel, so maybe it was just a little extra pixie dust making me all woozy.

And then I woke up at 3 a.m. with an incredible sore throat.
And by incredible, I mean so painful I wanted to cry.
When I got out of bed and stood up, the room spun.
"That's odd," I thought. Next time I wouldn't stand up so fast.

This morning when I woke up, the spinning was worse.
As I stood up to get out of bed my room spun and spun and then spun some more for good measure. It was as if I was trapped on the Mad Tea Party and couldn't make it stop.

Holy crap.
I thought I was going to pass out.

This spinning continued all morning.
I called the doctor and the receptionist said "I'll take a message and if the doctor thinks you're sick, she will call in a prescription." WHAT? Since when do doctors diagnose via phone messages?? I was not happy.

Lucky for me (and the doctor) she decided that she needed to SEE ME in person before making a diagnosis. And after seeing me (and witnessing a dizzy spell in her office), the doc determined that I have Labyrinthitis. Basically the labyrinth in my inner ear is inflamed and therefore I'm dizzy. And can't focus my eyes. And it feels like the room is on spin cycle.

It is most unpleasant.

The rest of my symptoms? The doctor blamed them all on allergies - which is possible, but I've never felt this crappy from allergies before. And I have a fever (99.9 which doesn't seem that high, except my normal temp is 97.2).

So...for the rest of tonight I'll be immobile on the couch.
The less I move, the less dizzy I feel.
The husband and kids are on their own tonight.


  1. Did she give you anything to help? Or did she just say "your sick" and send you home?

  2. yes, the doctor gave me something that is supposed to help w/ the dizziness. it's a drug they give people for motion sickness, according to the package. side effects include drowsiness and blurred vision. #awesome.

  3. Aw man, I thought it sounded like glandular fever at first. Hope you're better.