Just "reply"

OK. I'm going to vent for a few minutes.

I have several (many) pet peeves, but there's one that just sends me over the edge every time - and that's when people don't respond to email.

I mean really.
How difficult is it to hit "reply" and type up a quick response when somebody sends you an email that obviously DESERVES A RESPONSE?

If I send you an email that poses a question (or two or three) it is COMMON COURTESY to reply. In a timely manner. You know, within 24 hours or less. 

I don't care if you don't have the "right" answer - just respond with ANY answer. Tell me that things are still progressing. Or things are at a standstill for some unforeseen reason. Or tell me to quit sending you emails.

Just reply.
It's the proper thing to do.


  1. Amen!!!!! My pet peeve is very similar....I hate when people don't RSVP to a party! I am planning Max's right now and we HAVE to have a certain number of attendees in order to do this activity and right now we are a couple shy of that number. The ones that haven't RSVP'd might show up, but if they don't, they won't be able to do the laser tag! It is an evite which is even easier to RSVP to than composing a quick email. They just have to click yes or no! How hard is that! Ok, now you have me all fired up....I may have to do a blog post of my own! LOL.

  2. LOL! Oh that drives me nuts too! I swear people just lack common sense and courtesy anymore. It's as if they think "oh it's JUST an email, I can ignore it"


  3. This is one of my biggest pet peeves too. Same goes for a courtesy return phone call....at least just to say you got whatever message and are working on whatever it is. Just acknowledge people. Ugh.