29 days 23 posts

Two days. That's all we have left in January (if you don't count today, which I'm not). And since I started this month challenging the writer in me to WRITE EVERY SINGLE DAY, I have to say I'm mildly pleased with the outcome. I've written 23 blog posts this month so far - which if we're being "technical" isn't one blog post per day...but whatever.

I was writing.
A lot.
And darn it all...it felt good.

This personal challenge was exactly what I needed to get 'back on track' and reignite my passion for words. Sure, I write a lot every day ... but 140 character tweets aren't the same as blog posts. And that's OK with me. Sometimes fitting in what I want to say in 140 characters is more challenging than writing a 400 word blog post.

And so here we are...almost to February.

Yes, professionally I'm still in the same place I was when January started - looking for the "right" job - but I have to believe that it's out there waiting for me. I have to keep believing that last year happened for a reason and that 2012 is MY year and that good things are going to happen very soon.

I have to believe this because if I stop then it means I stop believing in my dreams. And I refuse to allow that to happen.

So I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing.
I'll be challenging myself again in February with more NaBloPoMo.
For me, it's all about the writing.

Yep. My name is Traci. And I'm a writer.

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