New Day. New Year. New Beginnings.

Well, nothing like a "clean slate" to start the new year off right, I suppose.

But is my slate really clean?
I suppose it is.

I'm sort of at the beginning - looking for a new job, trying to follow my passion, starting fresh...you know...all the things you're supposed to say and do on January 1st. 

And so I figured, why not start fresh with blogging too? By that I mean posting more than once or twice every few weeks - really focusing on the writing aspect of it and remembering why I started blogging in the first place.

Because I love to write.

So, I'm going to begin with January's NaBloPoMo "challenge" - one blog post every day for the month of January.

Other things I'm "beginning" anew in the next few days....

My job search. Or at the very least figuring out what I want to do.

"Training" for my first Disney 5K.
Which is in 53 days.
I need to keep a 16 minute mile pace...walking or running.
I must get my butt in gear.

I'm sure I have other things I need to "begin"....like another load of laundry .... but those will do for now.

Happy New Year.
I'll be seeing you here quite a bit this month....I hope.


  1. Happy New Year! I hope 2012 is amazing for you. :)

  2. thanks! happy 2012 to you too! :)

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  4. Happy New Year! Wow, you have some great "finish lines" ahead. I'm with you on the NaBloPoMo challenge but I'll only be able to cheer you on in spirit on the 5K :).