One more birthday post

Nothing like a little surprise to make a birthday extra special!

Olivia picked Olive Garden for her birthday dinner - she loves the breadsticks and alfredo dipping sauce (who doesn't?). Kevin surprised her with a "happy birthday" balloon and suddenly the manager was at our table, chatting with Olivia. He promised that they would make her birthday "extra special." Now, for the record, we weren't planning on spending $6.99 for an OG birthday cake. We had cake at home. And, I'm wary of letting Liv eat cakes at restaurants because of her food allergies.

But, after we finished, our table was suddenly surrounded by wait staff singing "Happy Birthday!" and then they presented Liv with the cake. With eight candles. (They also gave Emma a dish of ice cream with a candle...so she felt special too!). You can tell by the look on her face that she was very happy (and I think somewhat embarrassed by all the attention).

And, we did let Liv eat a small piece of the cake - she really only ate the frosting. 

All in all, I'd say she had a rather special birthday.

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