39 and holding

I have the gray hair to prove it.
One more year til the big 4-0.

I told my mom today that I remembered when SHE turned 40. I was 17 and we threw her a surprise party. And now, I'm one year away from that same milestone. How CRAZY is that?

As it is, I had a wonderful birthday weekend (oh yeah...at this age, it becomes a two-day celebration!). Last night I partied like a vampire at our annual "Twilight" viewing party. It was Breaking Dawn this time - and we wore our wedding veils. And drank blood red drinks out of Stryofoam cups. (And those last two sentences made no sense to anyone who hasn't seen the movie).

We also wear Twilight themed T-shirts each year. Mine for this year read: "I never received my letter to Hogwarts, so I'm moving to Forks to live with the Cullens." My theory - you're never too old to wear crazy Twilight T-shirts.

Anyway...back to turning 39 today.

I've been thinking back on the last 10 years ... you know, when I was 29 and on the cusp of my 30s.

10 years ago I was planning my wedding, working full time, and had no gray hair or stretch marks. I was 40 pounds lighter (at least). I wasn't blogging. It seems like a million years ago. And the thought of turning 30 didn't phase me at all.

Fast forward to today. I'll be celebrating my 10 year anniversary in October. I have two beautiful children who are my world. I'm still trying to find the 'right' job for me - looking for my happy place, I suppose. Oh and I have to get my hair colored every eight weeks because I have so much gray hair. What a difference 10 years makes.

As for turning 40 in another year?
Bring. It. On.

I have a few things planned for the next 365 days (or is it 366?). First, I'm participating in my first 5K race in two weeks. Then, when the weather get warmer (and my motivation comes out of hibernation), I am going to start "training" with the couch-to-5K program (again). And my end goal? I want to run a half marathon before I turn 40.

There. I said it.

It's "on paper" now....so I sort of have to do it, right? (lol)
I want to run a half marathon (that's 13.1 miles!) before I turn 40.
Preferably a Disney half marathon, since if I'm going to torture myself it might as well be at my happy place.

A plus to this insanity? Maybe I'll actually lose those extra 40 pounds before I turn 40.

Oh and I'm also going to find an amazing job very soon.
I just know it.

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