Frustration Friday

[insert very loud sigh here]

So, it's Friday.
And I'm frustrated.

Granted, I've been frustrated for months (years?...haha)...but this week, it's really been bad. I can feel my temper bubbling up, right under the surface and quite frankly, I want to throw something and have a mini tantrum. And really, that's not what 39 year old women do.

So, I'll blog instead.

I'm frustrated about my "job" .. for more reason than I care to go into right now. Suffice it to say, it has nothing to do with the people (unlike when I worked for the Polyester Troll). It's just a frustrating situation and I'm not sure what to do about it.

And as if today wasn't trying enough ... our refrigerator decided to die. It was on "life support" all week, while I attributed to the "not ice cold" milk to the summer like temps outside (yeah, I was trying to be an optimist)...I had to face the not-so-cold-hard-facts this morning when the "frozen" pancakes were actually thawed out.

$800 later...we have a nice, new fridge in the kitchen.
Thank goodness for 12 months no interest is all I can say.

This has been one of those weeks for certain. What I want right now is: a pedicure, an iced Venti Skinny Caramel Macchiatto from Starbucks, the third book in the "Fifty Shades" trilogy, and some chocolate. Is that too much to ask?

Oh, and while we're on the subject of "Fifty Shades of Grey"...holy hell people. [this would be the point in the post where I talk about sex and things like that].

I've been hearing about this books for months and I finally read devoured the first two books this week. Let me put it this way - if you read the "Twilight" series you will see a bazillion similarities between that series and Fifty Shades (because, after all, it started out as Twilight fanfiction) but with a lot more sex and stuff like that. Just think of it this way: Human Edward + Human Bella + some seriously kinky shenanigans and you have "Fifty Shades of Grey."

I will admit, the writing isn't the strongest writing I've seen ... but there were many, many times in the first two books when the dialogue between the main characters made me smile or laugh out loud. I won't give too much away about the rest of it, except to say ... yeah, there's a LOT of sex in this book. And it's not "vanilla" sex either - when you hear it described as "mommy porn"...yeah that just about sums it up. But, it's not just all about sex either - there really IS a story here.

And as much as I'd like to lock myself away and read for the entire weekend, I can't. Tomorrow is Olivia's First Communion and I'm going to be ridiculously busy. Fifty Shades will just have to wait, along with that pedicure and venti iced coffee.


  1. I am so sorry about your frustration and the unexpected appliance purchase - that ALWAYS blows.

    But I have to tell you, I'm smiling as I read your mini-book review on Fifty Shades of Grey and then in the next paragraph that it's Olivia's First Communion tomorrow. For some reason that struck me as wildly entertaining and ironic. :)

    I hope you get your time with that book, venti iced coffee and a pedicure.


  2. Why do appliances always go out at the worst possible time? So sorry. Hope your weekend is peaceful and better.

    the book review is good. I might have to read this one.