Just hit send. Or Reply. Or Reply All. It's so simple.

Today was one of those days when the entire concept of email made me want to throw my laptop across the room.

First at 8 am, I was locked out of my Hotmail account because someone (NOT me) had sent out a ton of spam emails. Once I was allowed back in to the account I had so many "undeliverable" emails it was ridiculous.

I quickly posted an apology on Facebook and Twitter ... letting everyone know it wasn't me who spammed their inbox. My former boss (the good one!) replied to my Facebook post "I knew it wasn't you. The writing was terrible."

That made me laugh.
My day went downhill from there.
By about 3 p.m. I was completely out of love with email. 

Here's my issue with email. When you receive an email, the proper thing to do (in my mind) is respond. As quickly as possible. Or at least within 24 hours if it's a work-related email. I don't understand what that is such a difficult concept for people to grasp.

It's so simple. When I email you with work related questions, please respond. Today. When I send you a project that I took time out of MY day to complete - for free - please respond. A "thank you" is sufficient. When you say "I'm going to email you" and it's about something important, please actually send me an email. I can't respond to the important message if I don't have your email address. And when we have a conference call scheduled and I sit on the phone call for 25 minutes listening to really crappy on-hold music because you FAILED TO SHOW UP for the call....don't email me FOUR HOURS LATER and say "Oh, I got pulled into a meeting." That's isn't an excuse to not email me BEFORE the conference call to tell me you can't make it. Unless of course it was zombies that pulled you into the meeting and you spent the last four hours fighting them off with your bare hands. That might be excusable. Maybe.

It's so easy to do.

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