Six days with Scooby

Today, we're adding another member to our family.
Emma is bringing home a guinea pig from school.
For six days.

For reference, we already have two dogs and one cat.
And I have no idea how to take care of a guinea pig.

But, Emma can't wait.
At 3 p.m. today, Scooby the classroom guinea pig is hers.
Until Monday.

So why in the world is the teacher sending the classroom pet home with Emma for the very long holiday weekend? Because, Emma earned it. In their class, each day that a student has a "sunny day" and stays on "sunny" for the whole day they earn a "gem ticket." These tickets can be saved for special prizes such as lunch with the teacher or taking Scooby home for the weekend. Or they can be spent in the prize box at the end of each week.

Well friends, Emma likes to save things.
Specifically she likes to save gem tickets.

And she's saved Every. Single. Ticket.
Since the first day of school.

She's the ONLY kid in her class who has saved every single gem ticket. Although, now that the other kids see that they REALLY can take Scooby home, I have a feeling others will be saving their tickets.

Emma set this plan in motion way back in August. She was bringing Scooby home with her if it took all year. Well, it only took 50 days of school.

And now, I have to figure out how one feeds a guinea pig. And how to keep said guinea pig away from the two dogs and cat. Oh, and did I mention we also get to CLEAN THE CAGE this weekend? Yeah. Guinea pig poop.

Can't wait.


  1. Ummmm Yay Emma? LoL! I'm so sorry, but you do have to admire the kids ability to set a goal and reach it.

    1. Yes, this is so true! I admire her ability to reach this goal. :) We'll see how it goes....