Why yes, I am a Twilight Mom

All right, I'm going to channel my inner teenager right now and tell you that I'm sort of freaking out with anticipation and excitement today. I'm so excited I might just burst!


Because in a little more than 24 hours I am headed to the Breaking Dawn double feature with my sister and a group of friends. And I'm so darn excited I could just scream. Very loudly.

In fact, I have warned my sister that for a few seconds tomorrow night, I might be that person who SCREAMS when the opening credits start to roll on Breaking Dawn 2.

Yes, I am a Twilight Mom.
Sue me.

I will admit right here that I have read the entire series ... at least four or five times. Maybe more. No, the books aren't great literature. But they're entertaining and well, I'm Team Edward all the way. Always have been. He's my sparkly vampire, I can't help it.

I have also seen each movie several times (at the theater and at home). Over the past few weeks my sister and I re-watched Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse (and made fun of the dialogue and bad wigs) just to "prepare" for our double feature tomorrow night.

Last night I downloaded the new soundtrack from iTunes and spent about three hours listening to it over and over again ... and it was a lovely distraction I might add.

I'm not ashamed to say that I'm VERY excited about tomorrow night. I can't wait to see how the series ends on film (since I know how it ends in the books). And yes, my sister and I did have an in depth chat today about the reported "surprise ending" ... as long as no one dies, it'll be OK. (ha)

Laugh if you must, but I'm just as excited about this movie as I was about the final film in the Harry Potter series. And while tomorrow night might be the first time I see BD2, it won't be the last. I already have another "date" planned for Black Friday with my mom and sister.

So...who's with me? Anyone else excited for tomorrow?

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