Stocking Holders from Sterling Pear - a review and giveaway

And the stockings were hung....on the staircase this year. Not the most festive - or decorative - place for our Christmas stockings. But that's where they were simply because I was afraid our kitten (being the little troublemaker that she is) would see them hanging on our bookcase and try to pull them down. And in turn would also pull down the very heavy stocking holders we normally use.

Last year one of those stocking holders fell off the bookcase and actually chipped our wood floor. I didn't want to think what it might do to a 7-month-old cat with too much time on her paws. So, our sad little stockings were hanging on the staircase railing with those little adhesive hooks. How festive.

And then, I found Sterling Pear and the different options they have for hanging stockings from mantles (and bookcases!). My holiday decorating was saved (and safe!).

Say you have little ones running or crawling around the house - or in our case, if you have curious pets that have a tendency to pull things off the mantle or bookcase. And say you really want to hang your Christmas stockings by the fireplace but you're worried little hands will pull them - and the heavy stocking holders - down, risking a serious injury. What's the solution?

The stocking holders from Sterling Pear come in three designs - Mantle Clips, Candy Cane, and Stocking Scrolls.

Mantle Clips
The Mantle Clips come in several different styles and metal (pewter, brass, bronze, brushed nickle just to name a few). I ordered the brushed nickle clips and was so excited when they arrived yesterday. I picked the Mantle Clips because the description said they would work on mantels and bookcases - and since we don't have a mantle, but do have a bookcase it seemed like a good choice. And it was. My Christmas stockings have been hanging on the bookcase since yesterday. The clips grab the top of the bookcase and stay in place thanks to rubber grippers.

Candy Cane holders
The Candy Cane holders are described as: ...very light-weight and are angled in such a way that they hold the stocking securely to the mantel. Works well with most mantels, including those with intricate moulding. Will not scratch the mantel and will not leave any marks on the surface.

And I have to say they are super cute and made me wish I had a lovely mantle over our fireplace! They would look adorable in my red family room!  
Stocking Scroll
The Stocking Scrolls come in pewter, silver, antique brass, brushed nickle, oil-rubbed bronze, and antique holly and are equally as lovely. The website description includes:
  • Great alternative for especially thick or ornate mantles
  • Holds up to 10 lbs.
  • Ornate and functional stocking holder
  • Clear "gripper" pad helps hold it in place while protecting mantle surface
And so my dear readers, since it IS the holidays and I want to spread some magic I have a contest for you!

One lucky reader will one a set of stocking hangers of their choice! That's right. You get to choose from the Mantle Clips, Candy Canes, or Stocking Scrolls.

Entering the contest is easy. You must leave a comment on this post telling me which style of stocking hanger you like (please include your email address in your comment). Then, you MUST use the Rafflecopter entry form to enter the contest. If you do not use the Rafflecopter form your entry will not be counted. (If you can't see the Rafflecopter form, please click on the headline of this blog to see just this blog!)The contest will close on December 8, 2012 at midnight. Winner will be notified via email. Winner will get to choose a set of stocking hangers from Sterling Pear (either Mantle Clips, Candy Canes or Stocking Scrolls).

And because I really want you to have a happy holiday season...if you want to shop over at Sterling Pear here's a 15% off coupon code to use (good until January 31, 20120:  AVFMF113

[Disclaimer: I was provided with a set of Mantle Clips from Sterling Pear. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are mine.]

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  1. I love the candy cane ones. We usually use a small nail to hold our stocking because every holder I've ever bought has always fallen. I would be so happy if these worked.

  2. I would love to have the stocking scrolls! I've been wanting to buy stocking holders for several years now, but with a family of 6 it's such an expensive thing to do. Our stockings sit in a basket as it is.

  3. I like the Stocking Scrolls in oil rubbed bronze.

  4. Wow, these look great - and so much better than the cheapo Target hangers I bought last year - that promptly fell apart. The mantle clips are the ones I'd choose. So elegant and lovely. Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. I would love these. I was actually searching for some and came across your blog. I like the scrolls in the oil rubbed bronze as well. Also, I tried using the coupon code but it didn't work. Any tips? Thanks!

    1. Andrea - Hi! I'll check about the coupon code and get back with you!

    2. Andrea - Hi. I just heard back from Sterling Pear and the coupon code should be working now. Let me know if you're still having problems with it.