Happy 2013

First things first...

Happy New Year!

Now, I had every intention of writing a 2012 "recap" post, but the last few days have been anything but blog worthy. The great stomach plague of 2012 decided to visit my house on Saturday. Olivia was sick all day. I felt horrid Saturday and Sunday. And yesterday the husband went down for the count (and since we're counting...he's still down today).

So instead of blogging about all the things I did in 2012, I spent all weekend laying on the couch wrapped in a Snuggie drinking Coca-Cola and watching ALL SIX Star Wars movies complete with commercial interruption (thank you Spike TV).

Last night, instead of going out for a nice dinner with the family and then coming home to watch movies and eat ice cream....Olivia ate an egg for dinner, Emma had rice, I had another glass of Coca-Cola and we all fell asleep in the living room before midnight.

So yeah.
Not exactly the best way to send out the old and ring in the new year.

I have to say though, 2012 was better than 2011. That was not difficult to do. And I am working on a recap of some of my favorite highlights from last year.

I'm sure I'll get it finished before the end of January.


  1. How awesome is Star Wars?

    Glad you are feeling better!

    1. LOVE Star Wars! And thanks...I am feeling better now (finally)