39 and holding...for one more week

So what's with the number 40?

The "normal" pregnancy is 40 weeks.
Lent lasts for 40 days.
It rained for 40 days during that whole Noah and the ark episode. (Actually the number 40 is all over The Bible. I know this because I Googled "40").
Malt liquor comes in a 40 oz bottle.
There were movies made about a 40 year old virgin and turning 40. 
And the number 40 has its own Wikipedia page.

Oh, and in exactly seven days I'll be turning 40.
Oh. My. God.
I'm going to be 40.

A decade ago when I was on the verge of turning 30 I was all "this is no big deal...30 is fine...I'm happy to be out of my 20s...blah blah blah." I had a few gray hairs but those were easily tamed with the tweezers. And then I turned 30 with little fanfare (other than the giant sign my husband put in our front yard...because all the neighbors needed to know I was 30.) And it was all OK. I was 30 and married and working full time and trying for that first baby.

And now...fast forward 10 years. I'm still married. We have two kids. I have to get my hair colored every four or five weeks because I have THAT MUCH gray hair. I'm also getting my eyebrows colored too...just to make me look, um, younger. Oh and as far as a job goes? Well yeah. That's a whole different blog post book.

Today I received the first "you're 40!" birthday card. I looked at the number on the card and thought "holy hell...I'm going to be 40." I remember when my mom turned 40. There's no way I'm going to be 40.

But it's true.
I am headed very quickly into that next decade.
You know, the one before 50.
(Oh CRAP).

I realized yesterday that a good majority of my friends are also turning 40 this year. Not sure why I just now realized that (duh...we all went to high school and college together!). That took away the sting a little bit...knowing I was in good company in the "40 club."

In reality though...I think I'm struggling a bit with turning 40. Sure, some people say 40 is the "new 30" or whatever catchphrase is all the rage now. But 40 isn't 30. Forty is 40. The big 4-0. And right now I'm feeling a bit at odds with that number. Talk to me again in about eight days and I'll let you know how 40 looks after blowing out those candles on my birthday cake.


  1. I am three days behind you, and two years ahead of you. :) I was rather uneasy about turning 40, too. And now I am rather uneasy about turning 42. I guess it has all been okay, and it is much better than the alternative. But I still sometimes think, "I'm in my 40s! How did I get to be this old?" Hopefully, 40 for you will be full of good things and fun!

  2. happy early birthday!!!! I think you're right..it's the whole "how did I get to be this old?!?!?" thought that is making it harder. But I guess we're not THAT old :)