Goodbye to February

How can 28 days suck so much?

February, you were not a good month this year.
You were, for the most part, 28 days of suckage.
It was cold. And it snowed. A lot. And I think we had (maybe) three days of sunshine all month. And then all sorts of other not-so-great things happened.

You started out with such promise...

Nine days in I had the best 40th birthday surprise party with some of my closest friends. They picked me up in a bus and we celebrated at the casino. The next day the festivities continue with a family dinner at my favorite place (Ciao!). A few days later I "really" turned 40 and had a great dinner out with Kevin and the kids.

Then, the month pretty much went to hell. 

On Valentine's Day, Emma cried through the last half of her classroom party because she didn't feel good. She was running a 101 degree temp that lasted for 3 days. A doctor's visit revealed an ear infection and a bad head cold. Ten day of antibiotics later she felt better.

Then around the 18th Olivia started coughing. By the next day she had a fever and missed a day of school.

On the 20th my uncle died in his sleep. Unexpectedly. We just returned home from his funeral yesterday. The funeral was in Wisconsin. During "Winter Storm Rocky." All in all, the last few days were much less than stellar.

Oh, and Emma is sick again. Stomach bug this time. Just missed her SECOND AND THIRD days of school this month. Yeah. The kid has missed three days of school just this month due to sickness.

Next month has to be better, right?
Here's hoping.


  1. Ugh! I hope March is MUCH better for you, sweetie. Hang in there!