I'm still here. Thinking about zombies.

Whatever rumors you might have heard ... they aren't true.
I'm still here.
I still blog.

I've just been busy lately.
And yes, I do realize that we're all BUSY.
So yeah, it's a rather lame excuse.

I guess I could have said I'm still hibernating.
Because well, I'd like to be.
It's still cold here in Ohio.
Today it was sleeting.
For the second day in a row I might add.

That groundhog?
Yeah he lied.
And I hate him.
Spring is NEVER ever going to arrive.
Like EVER.

On a personal note I made a MAJOR change to my hair.
I went from long (past my shoulders) and red to this:

I figured it was time for a change.
You're only 40 once, right?

I swear I think about blogging all the time.
But then I get sucked into other things.
Like watching all three seasons of "The Walking Dead" in one week.

And OH MY GOD people.
What the heck.
Zombies eat people.
And stumble around going "ahhh" and "uuuhhhh."
And they want to chew off your face.
Or eat your insides.

Yeah. A big thanks to my sister and my brother-in-law for getting me totally addicted to that damn show.

I've been having zombie nightmares for weeks.
And, I now have an unnatural fear of a zombie apocalypse.

As in, when we were driving to my mother in law's last weekend I was looking at places on Interstate 75 where I could hide out when if a zombie apocalypse happened. I was all like "Oh, there's a nice farmhouse. I bet I would be safe there. And they probably have cows so we could eat steak." And all would be well if Andrew Lincoln was there to keep me us safe. Because we all need a hot British guy (who does a mean southern accent) to keep us safe and warm during the zombie-filled end of the world.

So yeah. That's where I am right now. I'm busy. Life is good (and crazy). I'm now rocking a brunette bob. And I'm prepping for zombies.

How are things with you?

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