It's Monday. I'm blogging. It's a miracle!

OK, maybe it's not really a miracle...but since my last blog post was two weeks ago, I'm amazed that I just found five minutes to sit down and write.

Granted, I should be cooking dinner or folding laundry, but I'm not. I'm writing. (Which is ironic since I just tweeted out that I was putting laundry away as I took it out of the dryer. Clearly, I'm not doing that now. This is my brain today: Laundry. Must. Fold. Laundry. OH SPARKLY THINGS! Wait. What was I doing?)

So yeah. It's summer break. And the kids and I managed to survive last week with minimal tears and yelling. Sure they were all "ZOMG! We're SO BORED! There's nothing to do! We have NO TOYS!" And I was all like "I'm seriously going to send you to daycare FOREVER if you don't find something to do right now!"

Friends, working from home while the kids are home for summer break is insanity. The sign on the office door that says "Don't enter this room when Mommy is working"...yeah it means nothing to them. Which is funny because the kids made that sign for me. To keep themselves out of my office.

But we made it through week one. And the next two weeks are going to be easy-peasy too. Both kids are in "religious education" at our church every morning until June 28. That gives me about 4 hours of silence when I can work every day. Why are we sending them to religion class for two weeks in the summer? Because then we don't have to deal with it during the school year. (Fun Catholic fact: kids who aren't in Catholic school must attend "religious education" classes from first grade through eighth grade).

And they start golf lessons this Friday too....so we have that extra activity to keep us busy until August 9 when they have their golf tournament.

Plus...we're planning a mini vacation to Connecticut and NYC later this summer. I can't wait for the kids to see the Big Apple!

So as we head into the second full week of summer break, we're managing to get stuff done and read books and not go totally crazy. Olivia also managed to watch all but ONE of the Harry Potter movies. We have The Deathly Hallows Part 2 still to watch...but I'm watching it with her. She also wants to start reading book one in the series. I'm a happy Muggle mommy!

Happy Summer!

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