Howl at the Harvest Moon

This week has been weird.
I mean weirder than normal.

I woke up Monday morning in a bad mood despite having an incredible weekend.
And I woke up yesterday in a mood.
Today, same story.
If I had to be one of the Seven Dwarfs, this week I'd be Grumpy. 

I've been lacking focus all week.
Oh! Shiny, sparkly things!
I've been cranky.
On edge.

I've wanted to just eat Oreos like they're going out of style.
And chocolate? That's top of my "must eat" list too.

I know you're wondering.
And the answer is NO.
I don't have PMS.
(You're welcome).

Today I lost all ability to spell words properly and started using Random Capitalization and bad punctuation.

I tweeted out: "It's as if I don't have a journalism degree today. Random capitalization, bad spelling, and poor punctuation are all the rage. WTH?"

My friend Kristen then informed me that tonight was the Harvest Moon. You know, the full moon before the autumnal equinox. Until today I never thought a lunar cycle could affect the way you feel or act, despite the fact that the term "lunacy" comes from "lunar." (Thank you Wikipedia).

Today I'm a believer in what I'm calling moon moods.

I was telling my sister about how I've been feeling all week and she was all "Me too. I thought I was going crazy."

No we aren't going crazy.
It's just a full moon.
Which is completely harmless, unless of course we turn into werewolves tonight.
Then that might be an issue.

As it is, I'm now going to eat a lot of Halloween Oreos.
And it's all the moon's fault.

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