How I Spent My Sunday Afternoon (Alt. Title: My Life as a Reluctant Dance Mom)

You see that line up there?

Maybe you're thinking it's a line for the hottest concert in town?

Maybe you'd be wrong.

That my friends is the line to buy tickets to the dance recital.

Yep. You heard me.
A line.
To buy tickets.

You also might be thinking "oh lovely blue sky, it must be a nice spring day."

Again you'd be wrong.

The temperature was about 46 with a VERY COLD wind out of the east. So it felt like 41 degrees.

My Sunday afternoon was spent sitting in that line, freezing my butt off wearing my winter coat, gloves, and a fleece blanket.

All so my sister and I could get "really good" seats in the "Golden Circle" for our daughters' dance recital next month.

Call us crazy but we weren't the only ones. We were joined by many other "crazy" moms and some even less sane people who actually CAMPED OUT OVERNIGHT to buy tickets.

I couldn't make this up if I tried.
People camp out for tickets.
To a dance recital.

To say that was crazy would be a huge understatement.

And yes, before anyone starts the whole "but you CHOOSE to sit/stand in that line"...yes, I realize this. But it doesn't mean that I think it is in any way, shape, or form NORMAL. Because it isn't normal. It will never be normal.

There has to be a better way to sell tickets for a dance recital that doesn't include standing in line for hours.

You know there is this nifty thing called The Internet. And you can buy and sell tickets on it. Using a computer or a smart phone. From the comfort (and warmth) of your home. I'm pretty sure that would alleviate all the drama and insanity around recital tickets. 

And yes, I'm sure I could still get "OK" seats if I just waited until the next dance class. But trust me when I say the auditorium where the dance recital takes place is the same theater where they show Broadway-style shows in this city and if you aren't close to the stage you can't see your kid's face. And after a year of lessons and costumes and rehearsals, I'd like to see my kids' faces when they dance.

Which means every year I have to submit myself to the insanity that is the DANCE RECITAL TICKET LINE.

And it will make me stabby every year. Which is why I suck at being a 'dance mom.' As much as I LOVE watching my kids dance .... I am not made out for the whole recital-backstage-dance-mom-ritual. It's just not in my DNA.

But I will keep doing the waiting in line for recital tickets because this is for my kids and they love to dance.

And that's what it's all about.
My kids.

Dance on my friends.
Dance on.

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