On Being a Nerd and What #IWantMyNerdHQ Means

OK I'm going to admit something here on my blog.

I am a nerd.

There. I said it. What a weight off my shoulders.

Back in the day (you know, when I was much younger) being a "nerd" was not a cool thing to be. People made fun of nerds. And most people equated being "a nerd" to reading too much or being too smart. (Both of which are totally cool by the way).

I'm pretty sure I've always been a nerd. When I was younger you would usually find me in my room reading. (See we didn't have computers or the Internet back in the stone age, so we had to read. Books. Made out of paper.).

And I loved school. A lot. Heck, even after I graduated from college I worked for a mere six months before deciding that I MISSED COLLEGE AND NEEDED TO GO BACK. And so I went to law school so I could READ MORE. Like 2,000 pages of legal text a week more.

I am a nerd.
And it's totally cool now. 

Now, I'm a nerdy person about other things. Like Disney. That's right friends, I'm a total Disney nerd. If you need to know some obscure trivia fact about Walt Disney World, I might be your girl. If you need to know how plan a trip where you won't lose your mind or your kids' college fund...call me.

Speaking of Disney...(as I do on most days)...one of my favorite Disney animated films is Tangled. Love me some Flynn Rider "smolder."

And...Zachary Levi - Flynn Rider himself - is a self-proclaimed NERD. He even created an organization called The Nerd Machine and it sponsors the NerdHQ during San Diego's annual ComicCon event. This year's event is scheduled for July 24-27 at Petco Park in San Diego. And...it's a FREE event. As in totally free.

NerdHQ gives fans and celebrities an "intimate and engaging experience" that is unlike any other in the Nerd Universe. [Zac is also the star of 'Chuck'...so if you aren't a  Disney person you'll know him from there too. But why aren't you a Disney person?]

In addition to the cool fan-and-celebrity interaction, NerdHQ also raises funds for Operation Smile - the international organization for which Zachary is an ambassador. To date NerdHQ has raised $415K for Operation Smile!

So...you're probably wondering "Hey Nerd Girl...what does all of THIS have to do with ME?"

Well, here's the details: NerdHQ costs money to organize and getting money via sponsors isn't the best way to do it. So, NerdHQ is asking you and me to donate money to help fund the event and in return you will be part of the #NerdHQArmy and your name will be placed on the Nerd HQ Wall of Honor at the event this summer in San Diego.

And...well, if NerdHQ is successful then Zac and his nerd celebrity friends will be able to put on a great event that will raise A LOT of money for Operation Smile and you can say "Hey! I was a part of that." And that's pretty darn cool.

The goal is to raise $1 million by April 25. As of today (April 13) the total amount raised is: $254,352. Which means we have a long way to go in the next 12 days. 

So here's the info...If you want to donate to NerdHQ (and you know you do) go here.You can donate as little as $5 or as much as you want.

That's it. Tell your friends, family, coworkers, and fellow nerds about NerdHQ and all the good work they do. Follow Zac on Twitter @ZacharyLevi and follow the Nerd Machine @thenerdmachine.

And you can check out the indiegogo link here. You'll find answers to your questions and more information about NerdHQ and why they do what they do!

Get in touch with your inner nerd (you know you have one) and help The Nerd Machine put on the best NerdHQ ever. And if you would be so kind...please tweet out this post, share it on Facebook, or Pin it. And, follow #IWantMyNerdHQ on Twitter too! 

Oh..and this just in - when the campaign reaches $333,000 EVERY person who has donated $5 or more will automatically be entered to win a visit from Zachary Levi. As in...LIVE and in person. OK...let's imagine this shall we (nerd moment alert)...you will be having dinner with Flynn Rider. Once the winner has been chosen all the funders in that area will also be invited to meet Zac (after he's had dinner with the winner and a guest!).

So as if you needed more incentive to donate to #IWantMyNerdHQ...there's that. Dinner with Zachary Levi. Excuse me while I go swoon.

Seriously? What are you still doing here?
Go donate now.

Disclosure: I am part of the #NerdHQArmy through the #ENMNetwork. That's all.