Wrapping Up Summer

Well here we are ... nearing the end of summer.

It's kind of hard to believe that summer break is over in just two days and the kids are heading back to school. I think that summer feels as if it flew by because, well, it did.

Emma says it feels like it went really fast because it was winter FOREVER this year and summer was way too short. I think she's right.

We had a summer bookended by vacations. We started the summer with a week-long trip to a beach house in the Outer Banks. And we spent last week at Walt Disney World.

I have to say that beginning and ending summer with a vacation is the way to do it. Although in all honesty I'd rather still be at Disney World.

The past couple of months have gone by quickly and it seems like July was a blur of activity. Once the OBX vacation was over the kids had two weeks of summer religious education, and the had golf lessons every Friday. The Olivia had a week of basketball camp. And there was more golf. And then it was mid-July and there was no stopping summer.

And then POOF! It was August and the girls finished their golf lessons with a tournament (Emma placed 2nd for her age group; Olivia placed 3rd for hers). And then the car was packed and we were off to Disney World.

Now we're home and trying to get back into the swing of post-Disney reality. Tonight is open house at school. And Thursday is the first day of school.

Liv is starting the 5th grade which seems impossible. This is her last year of elementary school - next year she moves to the "middle school" - or as we called it when I was a kid, junior high (GULP!). Emma is in the 2nd grade. Again, this seems impossible.

So here's hoping everyone has a lovely end of the summer and a great start to the school year. Also, here's hoping we don't have a repeat of the winter of 2014 this winter. I know I can't handle that and will be packing up and moving to Florida if it happens again.

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  1. I'm with Emma - the summer went by way too fast!