Shame on Doctors for Fat Shaming

Here's a newsflash - I'm overweight.

There. Now the whole world (or the 5 people who read my blog) know that I weigh more than I should based on all those BMI charts and scales.

I also know how I got overweight - I have a love affair with sugar, ice cream, and other "bad" food. And I hate to exercise. So ice cream + sitting on my ass = Fat Traci.

Whatever. I'm working out now and I'm not eating crap at night and my goal is to get back down to my "wedding weight." I won't tell you what that number is, but let's just say it'll take a while to get there.

So I know that I'm overweight. I don't need anyone to tell me that I need to lose weight. And I certainly don't need to be handed a set of "how to lose weight instructions" like the one my friend (who wishes to remain anonymous) was handed at the end of her OB-Gyn appointment today:

First let's note that this "list of things to do to lose weight" states at the very top that the person holding the letter is OVERWEIGHT. 

Next, it's a list of "instructions" on how to lose weight. Because clearly FAT SHAMING YOUR PATIENT BY CALLING THEM OVERWEIGHT on a list of weight loss instructions isn't enough. You also have to make them feeling like a f***ing moron by giving them instructions to lose weight.

Because you know all fat people are also STUPID and they have NO F***ING CLUE HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT.

Because obviously being overweight means that your brain can't function like skinny people brains. All our fat sucks the intelligence right out of our brains and deposits it somewhere else - like my ass.

Of course if that's the case I must be a freaking genius based on the size of my ass.

If I had been handed this piece of paper with instruction on how to get skinny and not be labeled overweight I'm quite certain that I would have torn it up in little pieces RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE DOCTOR and then tossed those pieces of paper onto the exam table. Right where my big smart ass had been sitting naked just moments earlier.

There is NOTHING OK with this list for "fat folks."

I am appalled that (1) the doctor felt it was appropriate for the nurse to hand this piece of paper to my friend rather than actually doing her job as a DOCTOR and having a discussion about health and weight, and (2) I'm equally appalled that the corporation that runs this doctor's office (cough-ProMedica-cough) thinks fat shaming like this and calling patients overweight on a list of weight loss "instructions" is acceptable.

Let me tell you a little secret - people who are overweight already KNOW THAT THEY'RE OVERWEIGHT. They sure as shit don't need to be handed a piece of paper with the word OVERWEIGHT at the top followed by a list of "tips" to help us not be overweight.

Tips like: keep a food journal, write down why you ate, eat only when you're hungry, blah blah blah. Honestly my 7 year old could write a better and less condescending list than this. 

Overweight people aren't stupid and we sure as hell don't deserved to be shamed at our doctor's office or anywhere else. We're all struggling to get healthy and stay healthy. So maybe you doctors should pull your heads out of your asses and remember that.

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