As Summer Goes On...

I think it's safe to say that my "vacation hangover" is ...well...over.

Last week was a rough week, coming back to "reality" after a week in the Outer Banks. But I woke up yesterday and thought "OK, let's do this!"

I sort of dragged myself through last week, wishing I was at the beach still. It was so incredible to wake up with the sunrise every morning in the OBX, walking the beach as the sun popped over the horizon.

Waking up at 6 a.m. in Ohio...not as magical.

But this summer is a full season for us. The girls are both taking dance and I'm signing them up for basketball camp, and they're taking golf lessons every Friday. Oh and this is the second week of their two-week summer religion class.

(We've also decided that this is likely the LAST summer we're doing the summer program, but that's another post).

Thankfully the girls are "old enough" to amuse themselves during the day while I'm working. Don't ever let anyone tell you that working from home is "easy." Because it's not. Especially in the summer when the kids are home and want your attention.

So yes, the vacation hangover is over.

But, the next countdown has started - Walt Disney World Resort in 152 days.

Happy Summer!

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