Tuesday Thoughts: Are You Sure It Isn't Monday?

A friend posted this on Facebook today and it is SO accurate:

Seriously. I despise Monday holidays because of the Tuesday that happens afterward.

Sure it was nice to sleep in yesterday - even though I slept on the couch Sunday night because of (1) insomnia and (2) pain. But whatever.

Today is totally the Mondayest Tuesday ever.

I feel like crap - I believe I'm coming down with my annual September cold/bronchitis magic. Which is great because it's also going to be 100 degree heat index for the next 3 days which means my fibro will be super special all week too.

Basically I'd like to crawl into bed today and hibernate until Friday.

But I can't.
I have to work.
And Olivia starts ballet tonight.
And Emma starts volleyball.
And tomorrow I have to be a PTO officer (save me) and pretend I like people.
This week, I don't like people.

The highlight of my day right now - the potential for a Pumpkin Spice Latte this afternoon. That will surely help fight off this cold/bronchitis nonsense.

Here's hoping you all make it through this Tuesday that feels like a Monday.

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