Resistance is NOT Ridiculous

For less than a week (OMG it seems SO MUCH FUCKING LONGER THAN THAT) I've been listening to the new "administration" spew bullshit and lies and half truths and alternative facts.

I've also been watching good, honest people stand up and resist. I know many people who didn't watch the inauguration last Friday (and oh how I wish I had missed it too). I know others who marched in one of the many Women's Marches last weekend (again, wishing I would have marched). And every day I see people posting their thoughts, opinions, and FEARS on social media.

At the same time I am watching and listening as those who support/like/trust the new president and his gang of old white men talk about how stupid we are for protesting. Talking about how we need to accept what has happened and move one and suck it up. How we should blindly follow the president and his merry band of assholes because HE'S OUR PRESIDENT TOO.

Today I saw someone post on Facebook - in response to the story of people hanging a "resist" banner from a crane in D.C. - "Enough people. You look so dumb."

And that was enough for me.

For the last six (seriously? IT'S ONLY BEEN SIX DAYS???) days I've felt this anger bubbling up. Hell, it even has my fibro all flared up I'm so angry and pissed off.

I have never - in all my almost 44 years of life - seen this country in such a fucked up state as it is in right now. I have never seen or heard so many adults with such worry and anger in their voice - at the same time, mind you.

Don't you DARE tell me to stop fighting or stop resisting or stop posting anti-Trump messages on my Facebook page or my Twitter account or my blog (not that anyone has ... YET .. but now you've been warned).

You want to know why I'm scared and pissed off? Because this president seems hell-bent on destroying the TRUTH with his bullshit "alternative facts" narrative. Because he doesn't seem to comprehend the First Amendment and all that is built upon those rights. Because he wants to destroy a woman's right to choose what is best for HER BODY. Because he wants to take health care away from 20 million Americans. Because he is leading us down a path that I never thought we could go down.

I've heard people say that it shouldn't be personal.
Guess what? It IS personal.

If the ACA is revoked and people can once again be denied health insurance because of pre-existing conditions that means that Olivia could potentially be denied health insurance at some point in her life. It means that if I ever have to get insurance on my own I could be denied. If the ACA is revoked I will lose my free birth control (and YES I can afford to pay for it, but the government shouldn't get to dictate that).

I could go on and on.

But instead I'll say this: How dare YOU think that you can tell anyone that they look "dumb" fighting for what they believe is right and just. How dare you think you have the right to tell us to "suck it up" and "deal with it." Because nothing he does will ever be OK or normal. We are not living in normal times and I fear that it will get worse before it gets better.

There's a reason George Orwell's 1984 is back on the best seller list.

I will continue to resist and fight and speak my mind. And if anyone doesn't like it you can (1) unfollow me on Facebook, (2) unfriend me on Facebook, (3) unfollow this blog, and (4) unfollow my Twitter account.


  1. I've actually had someone tell me to sit down, shut up and stop acting like a whiny brat. The idiot who said this to me the idiot who said this to me blames the ACA for his rising deductible and co pay, when in fact his employer's policy isn't governed by the ACA. He has a disabled son on Medicaid, a young man who will never be able to function independently and needs the services that the current administration is about to slash.

  2. Love your insights! Keep writing & keep resisting!