A much-needed vacation

If anyone says to me at the end of Feburary "so what are you going to do now that you've finished the bar exam", I can say "I'M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!" -- and really mean it.

Yep, we're going on vacation. And it's not going to cost too much either. My in-laws are snowbirds in Florida, so we're going to stay w/ them. We're driving, so no airfare to deal with. And we're getting some "travel money" from the in-laws to help w/ gas and other necessities.

And, we're going to Disney World!!!! We booked a room at a "value" hotel on site at Disney World and we have a one-day pass for the Magic Kingdom.

It's nice to know that after all this stress, I actually get to have some fun on my spring break (yeah, I still get spring break...it's a bonus of being a college instructor!).

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