Superwoman? Who, me?

Not sure what the hell I was thinking when I decided that taking the bar exam and working part-time would be a good idea.

To give you an idea of what I have to accomplish this weekend, let's take a peek at my to-do list:
1. Do 210 multiple choice questions for bar review. (I'm trying to stick to the schedule we received in class). - while this doesn't sound bad, trust me, it is. It will likely take me 6 hours to do all these questions.
2. Read, review and take notes from lecture outlines on Evidence, Property, Contracts and Constitutional Law.
3. Grade papers for journalism class - must be done by Wednesday at 1 p.m.
4. Write restaurant review for The Mirror. - am looking forward to this! Finally, I'm writing again. :)
5. Go out to dinner so that I can write review. (this is the silver lining!)
6. Play with Olivia
7. Spend time with Kevin
8. Eat (optional)
9. Sleep (optional)

Hmm...looks like a full plate. Think I need a platter.

Sure, I've done the whole study for the bar thing while working (and we see how well it worked out, I'm still trying to pass). But now, while I'm only working 2 days a week, I have a full-time job called "mommy." And when I don't do that job as well as I should, the "boss" lets me know!

I guess I'm complaining because I'm tired. This week fried my gray matter. It's only the 2nd week of bar review and I'm already feeling burned out -- and this is not a good thing. I still have 6 weeks to go until the bar...I cannot burn out now.

Anyway, there's no point in complaining....I got myself into this mess....guess I'm just going to have to dig myself out. I'm hoping that once this weekend passes and I have a full day on Monday with no class to teach or attend, I will be all caught up and feel better about it all.

Alright, back to the books. Still have 210 multiple choice questions to tackle.

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