What really gets me

Yeah, I failed the bar again. For the sixth time (yes, you read that right..the sixth time). And as pissed off as I am about it, what makes me even more angry is all the time I wasted.

I spent the entire months of January and February studying - every single day. I went to class five nights a week for four hours a night and I locked myself away in our home office every weekend, rather than spending quality time with Kevin and Olivia.

Two whole months, just absolutely wasted.

It's almost like a sick and twisted Mastercard commerical:
Three years of law school: $55,000
Taking the bar exam six times: approximately $16,300 (this includes bar review courses and home study course and of course hotel rooms in downtown Columbus).
Failing the bar for the sixth time: F***ing priceless.

And so, I am done. Finished. No more bar exams for me. I now have a very expensive piece of paper hanging on the wall that says I went to law school. A whole hell of a lot of good it does me. Guess I now need to figure out what else I want to be when I grow up. Lawyer is out of the question.

And please, no pep talks from anyone either. I really can't handle that today.

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