Yeah, it's Monday

A few random things from today...

Still sick.
I'm back on the antibiotics. Yep, that's right. a week's worth of penicillin didn't kill the strep and so I'm now on one of those five-day power packs of antibiotics. I don't feel sick, but my throat doesn't look (or feel) so great. Man, I hate being sick. Dammit.

Teaching woes
Had one of "those" days in the classroom. Let's just say this: journalism and plagiarism - don't mix them.

Is it spring yet?
I really detest spring in northwest Ohio. We're supposed to get snow showers tonight. Are you joking? Didn't mother nature get the memo....spring has sprung -- in every part of the United States except Ohio, apparently. The tulips have bloomed for crying out loud....it's supposed to be warm and sunny. I damn near froze my butt off today.

The bar
Results come out in 25 days. That's all I have to say about that.

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  1. I was just putting the baby to bed tonight, rocking his sweet little self, thinking about 4/28.

    I have to let it go. I have to accept the outcome either way.

    I am sorry you are sick and I hope you feel better really soon.