My growing bump.... 14 1/2 weeks

I just keep growing and growing.....
And, in case you were going to be funny
and say "oh, maybe it's twins"...it's not.
There is only one baby in there.
Really. Just one.


  1. BAH! Don't let the meanies try to tell you that you look fat by saying something cute like, "oh, it's twins!" Some old bitties said that to me when I was two weeks overdue with my Butter Bean (Aron) and shopping at Target. I nearly cried. Anyway, you look lovely. Have you found that you get bigger faster the second time? I sure did. I was in maternity clothes at 9 weeks. Then promptly gained 80 pounds and had an 11 1/2- pound Nater Tot. Learn from me: fried food = BAD.

  2. Yes, I got bigger so much faster this time! I was in all maternity clothes around 8 or 9 weeks too. I'll do my best to avoid fried foods! LOL :)