Today's headlines....

I'm a news junkie....I could read the news online all day. It's a sickness, I'm rather certain. But then again, I do actually know what is going on in the world.

Usually headlines don't make me cringe...but then there was today. A few rather "eewww" inspiring headlines from CNN.com today:

1. Priest tells of nudity with Foley. OK, YUCK.. That's just not something I need to read about. But I did...I read the article. This sicko was telling his side of the Foley story -- about how they had a "brotherly" love and shared naked hot tub visits. Again, YUCK.

2. Katrina survivors come to bloody end. Seriously. Have some dignity you headline writers. This guy kills himself after dismembering his girlfriend and that's the best headline you could come up with? Seriously.

3. Stingray on boat stabs man in heart. All I can say about this one is - what the hell is going on with these stingrays?

And then there is the "duh" headline of the day: Baghdad violence forces U.S. to rethink strategy. Gee, a day late and a dollar short on that one, dontcha think?

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