Go Bobcats!!!!

The Ohio University Bobcat football team is going to the MAC Championship game.

Oh. My. God.

All right, sure...it might not be a big deal to you - unless of course you are an OU alum - but this really is a WOW moment! I had no idea the Bobcats were doing so well.

Part of the story: ATHENS, Ohio - The Ohio football team won its sixth-straight game and its first-ever Mid-American Conference East Division title as the Bobcats defeated Akron 17-7 Thursday at Peden Stadium. Bobcat fans stormed the field at the final gun to celebrate the title, the program's first of any kind since the 1968 season.

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Seriously, this is...omigod...big! OU basketball is usually pretty good, but the football team? Not so good. Honestly, they usually suck. A lot.

People used to just go to the games to see the Marching 110 perform at half-time (really, their O-H-I-O is WAY better than script Ohio). Then we'd all leave, because we figured the Bobcats would lose.

But this? This is HUGE. Gi-normous!

This is their first title OF ANY KIND since 1968.

Yeah, HUGE.

And now, they are playing in the MAC Championship on Nov. 30th at Ford Field in Detroit. Oh, how I wish I could go!!!!!!!!! But no, this pregnant chic is staying safe and sound at home. Maybe it's on TV. That will be must see TV for certain.

But the kicker here is: OU could actually get a bowl bid. Seriously: Win or lose that contest, Ohio will likely appear in a bowl game in either December or January. It will be the program's first bowl appearance since the 1968 Tangerine Bowl, and the third-ever bowl appearance by Ohio.

Granted, it won't be one those all-important bowl games with the "big ticket" teams, but to an OU girl like myself...it's the real deal.

GO BOBCATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. The game will be on ESPN at 7:30, Thursday, November 30th. GO BOBCATS!!!!! Go Marching 110!