Kelly v. Clay (with a dash of Rosie for good measure!)

Poor Kelly Ripa. She's all miffed because she says Clay Aiken acted "hostile" toward her last Friday when he was co-hosting "Live with Regis and Kelly."

Her biggest beef? That Aiken put his hand over her mouth during an interview.

OK, sure....so that's probably not the best thing to do when someone is conducting an interview. I can see being outraged if the "victim" was someone like, say, Oprah or Diane Sawyer. But, Kelly Ripa? She's not a journalist. She's a loud, mouthy, overly-tanned, wanna-be comedian diva. And honestly, she never shuts up. Ever.

So quite frankly, I don't see the big deal.

I think it's all very amusing. So Clay was being snarky...who cares? I'm just happy that someone finally shut her up for a few seconds. I bet Regis is secretly wishing he would have thought of it first. He probably sent an anonymous congratulatory note to Clay Aiken. "Way to go man! I've been wanting to do that for years!"

And then you have Rosie. She claims that Ripa's "I don't know where that hand has been" remark was homophobic. OK, first of all....Aiken has not said if he's gay or not. [And really, if he is or isn't ... WHO CARES? It's his life]. So, Rosie appears to be jumping to her own conclusions. And secondly, why did Rosie have to insert herself into this little celebrity feud? It was more fun without her. No reason for Rosie to get involved. [For the record: Ripa says her remark was made with concern that Aiken had been shaking hands with the audience and it IS flu season. Whatever.].

I'm sure Kelly Ripa will be venting about it again today on "Live." I'm sure Regis is wishing he was still on vacation. And I bet that Aiken will never be asked back as a co-host, unless it's with Regis. Now that would be fun.

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  1. Well, since I was home sick all day tied to my computer, I researched this very important conflict for a significant period of time.

    Disclaimer: I do not watch Regis and Kelly. I can't stand Clay. And I think Rosie's a jerk.

    That said, my thoughts are:

    As a germaphobe I'd be utterly and 100% disgusted if a stranger who had been shaking hands with the audience placed his hand in front of my face.

    Secondly, he was a guest on Kelly's show. Physically touching her in that way on her show was rude.

    Finally, Rosie's a scuttlebutt. She's always trying to start crap about who's homophobic and who's not. Get over it, Rosie.


    There you have it. My thoughts.

  2. I know...I know...all things considered though, I still can't help but to find it a bit amusing. Germs, bad manners and all.

    On a different note: Have a Happy (Cabo) Thanksgiving, Kylee!!! :)