Happy Thanksgiving, Part II

Yes, I am as big as I look. I am huge.

I think my belly is roughly the size of a large Butterball Turkey...just in time for Thanksgiving.

I truly think I am growing now by the milisecond.

But today was great...I didn't over-indulge....but I did eat for two. I normally don't do that. But, I had 2 pieces of pie - small ones, but two nonetheless.

Ah well....gotta go put my feet up. They are very swollen tonight...a regular occurrence lately. Oh, and I received my weekly pregnancy email today - the things I can look forward to for the next 9 weeks: swollen feet, mood swings, "searing" back pain, hemorrhoids (yeah, fun) and insomnia. Yep, the 3rd trimester is a hoot. :)


  1. Wow...the baby has gotten bigger since I saw you last. I remember those days...

    Sending {{{hugs}}}

  2. Yes, I am getting bigger every day. But, I only have until Jan. 24th....so, less than 2 months left.

    I can only imagine how HUGE I will be by then! :)

    Thanks for the hugs. :)