Northwest Ohio makes "The Smoking Gun"

Not sure if anyone has heard/read about this -- a local company called Universal Tube has filed a lawsuit against YouTube (the online video site) claiming that the confusion between their Web site names (utube.com and YouTube.com) has negatively affected UTube's business.

For full details go here.

Here's just a snippet from the story:
In a lawsuit filed Monday in U.S. District Court, Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment charges that the web address confusion has led to more than 70,000 visitors daily arriving at the pipe firm's web site looking for videos. Along with increased bandwidth costs (now at $2500 monthly, up from just $100), the company complains that the traffic crush has led to its servers crashing on multiple occasions and the arrival of web site visitors who "are not the kinds of visitors that Plaintiff wants at its website." These unwanted visitors, the lawsuit notes, "often fill Plaintiff's sales request form...in a vulgar and belligerent manner."

I highly recommend looking at the examples of the "vulgar and belligerent" sales requests. Funny, very funny (as long as you don't work for Universal Tube).

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