Not exactly a vacation hot spot

OK, this should just be filed under "what were they thinking?"....

My Verizon/Yahoo home page has a "Destination Spotlight" section where their travel experts list good or unique vacation spots on a daily basis. And this morning's "Desitination Spotlight" is...Baghdad, Iraq.

Yep, that's right. You too could plan your next vacation - smack dab in the middle of a war zone.

All I can say is: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????????

This is a desitnation spotlight?

Really, I don't think there is much tourism going on right now in Baghdad. I had to check it out though, just for curiosity sake: Top Baghdad hotels are going for $36 a night. Gee, wonder why?

Oddly enough under the "recommended things to do" and "recommended places to eat" no one has left any suggestions. Cannot imagine why.

Yesterday's spotlight was the British Virgin Islands. Now, that makes sense. Beautiful location, nice sandy beaches, no war.

Baghdad though? C'mon....let's get real. Not exactly on the top of anyone's "must see" list.

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