Handing over the yellow T-shirt

For those of you without kids, this might not mean much. But for those of us who know who The Wiggles are...it's a bit sad.

Greg Page, lead singer of The Wiggles, is quitting the group due to health reasons. However, The Wiggles will continue to entertain our kids...he's handed over his trademark yellow T-shirt to his understudy.

For the full story go here.

Three years ago Kevin and I had no idea who The Wiggles were....and then Olivia discovered them on Playhouse Disney. From that moment on there was no going back. Now, we probably know all the songs by heart. She has the DVDs, books, stuffed dolls and various other Wiggle toys. And, we even took Olivia to see them live in concert this summer.

The Wiggles won't be the same without the guy in the yellow shirt, but maybe the new version will be just as entertaining. Heck, the kids probably won't know the difference. :)

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